Artforms of Nature

The nineteen century German biologist Ernst Haeckel is famous for his fantastically illustrated book Artforms of Nature. The copyright for this book from 1904 has now expired and thanks to Wikimedia Commons it is available for everyone to appreciate.

Haekel’s artistic interpretation of the biological forms he studied have a clarity of symmetry and detail that has been a source of inspiration for many artists and engineers over the years. They provide the perfect subject matter for the Fractal Explorer plugin.

Astrophyton darwinium:
Astrophyton darwinium 3

Astrophyton darwinium 1

Astrophyton darwinium 2

Haeckel Astrophyton darwini


His work is tremendous. i loved the organic nature of them. it reflects what it suposed to in a glorious form. it seems like you are entering a magical florest of an unknown planet, not exactly sure what will find. extremely nice and complex compositions. well worth checking out


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