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Greetings,Connexion Bizarre was updated on September 14th with new content (reviews, webcasts and links).

We have also set up a donations page. While Connexion Bizarre may be hosted for free and run by volunteers but it does have its costs (postal expenses come to mind). If you appreciate the work we are doing or find it useful in some manner, please consider a donation or perhaps a quick trip to our store.

A quick overview of this week’s update:Webcast: “untitled” with music selection by DJ JanaDark and “Noxious Flu” with music selection by M.
Reviews: Juan Matos Capote “Jabal”, End “The Dangerous Class”, Skullduggery “You Are Here. “, Zonk’t “Beat Wins You And Me”, Empire State Human “Audio Gothic”, V/A “The Clock Machine Turns You On: Volume 2”, Mad Therapist “Alien Element”, Parallel Worlds “Shade”, Abraxas Projekt “Baraka-Visions”, 15 Degrees Below Zero “Resting On A”, Dessau “The Truth Hurts (1985-2000)”, the M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab “Modern Expressing Machines of Revolutionary Youth”

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Connexion Bizarre associated events
2009/09/16-27, Porto (PT) + 2009/10/01-04, Lausanne (CH)
On September 24th and 25th, Connexion Bizarre participates in the SWISSPORT’09 architecture workshop with a music and multimedia programme. Presenting a selection of Portuguese and Swiss electronic musicians, performers and DJs, this initiative takes place on two of Oporto’s most relevant venues/clubs.
Thursday, 24/09 @ Breyner 85 (Porto, PT)
Thermidor (PT, theatrical dieselpunk ambient performance)
Operateur Fotokopieur (CH, spacey 8-bit electro)
Friday, 25/09 @ Plano B (Porto, PT)
Stendeck (CH, IDM electronica & breakbeats)
Freimatic (PT, techno/breaks/electro madness)
More information…
Webcast & Radio ShowPart 1Click here to stream or right-click to download
(“untitled” with music selection by DJ JanaDark)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Webcast identifier

Kirlian Camera – Easter 1980 (04:45)
[Various – Palace Of Worms – Palace Of Worms]
The well of sadness – Silence (04:52)
[I’m Uprooted From It – War Office Propaganda]
Clausthome – Radiophare III (06:20)
[Radiophare [ Lampe D’Ambiance] – Indiestate Distribution]
Rukkanor – Deora (05:14)
[Deora – War Office Propaganda]
Tribe of circle – Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (04:28)
[Children Of A Weakened God – Hau Ruck!]
S.Q.E – Narcotic (05:44)
[Rise Of The Vulcans – Old Europe Cafe]
Stahlwerk 9 – Ante Bellum Civile (04:28)
[Stahlwerk 9 / Cold Fusion (2) / Rukkanor – Triumvire – War Office Propaganda]
Sektion B – Oklahoma city (03:39)
Power Is Nothing Without Control -Steinklang Industries]
Rome – Herbstzeitlose (03:36)
[Berlin – Cold Meat Industry]

Part 2Click here to stream or right-click to download
(“Noxious Flu” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Webcast identifier

Chrysalide – The Wall (Traumanoize Cover)
[V/A – Peacemakers, Inc. 2 – Invasion Wreck Chords]
Config.Sys – Widowmaker
[V/A – Peacemakers, Inc. 1 – Invasion Wreck Chords]
Skulldugery – Calamity
[You Are Here. – Trozoc]
Individual Totem – Don’t You Trust Me?
[Mumia Vera – Artoffact]
X Marks The Pedwalk – Arbitrary Execution
[Abattoir – Infacted]
Necrotek – Sense Of Decay
[Menschfeind – Vendetta Music]
Knifeladder – Fearsome Engine
[Music/Concrete – Cold Meat Industry]
.cut featuring Gibet – Bleached Bride (remix by AntiGlück)
[Bleached Bride – [walnut + locust]]
Zonk’t – Ore
[Beat Wins You And Me – Sound On Probation]
Lingouf – St-Genie2
[Ange Et Gruikk – Ant-Zen]
Gerostenkorp – Transe Nocturne
[Terre Brulée – OPN Production]

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Connexion Bizarre radio show @ Radio Zero
The Connexion Bizarre radio show can be streamed every Friday at 23:00 GMT and Wednesdays at 10:00 GMT from Radio Zero.

Juan Matos Capote – Jabal
Juan Matos Capote is a sound and visual artist who currently resides in Barcelona and whose impressive resume includes studying circuit-bending under Reed Ghazala.
Read more
End – The Dangerous Class
Straight to the point with this one: this is the soundtrack to the reviewer’s inevitable mental breakdown. Tthere is some weird music out there, but this is certainly some of the strangest in some time and with that it brings mental imagery that nothing else could possibly inspire… Rockabilly, Surf Music, Breakcore, Hunter S. Thompson, 1920’s Flapper Girls and much, much more besides.
Read more
Skullduggery – You Are Here.
To do this album justice it’s an album you don’t need to be reading about, other than to be recommended it. It’s not going to be for everyone, but it’s really worth giving a try – you will either find it an engaging curiousity or a massively rewarding and challenging listen. The reviewier is in the latter camp, and more than a few listens in is still finding bits he missed.
Read more
Zonk’t – Beat Wins You And Me
Zonk’t is only one of the many sides of a multifaceted artist who truly deserves to be discovered, for those who don’t know him yet… And Zonk’t may be the ideal first step to penetrate into his universe, because it remains pretty accessible for a listener who’s not used to this kind of music yet, even if it often tends to fit into the experimental genre.
Read more
Empire State Human – Audio Gothic
If a heavy new wave influence on modern electro with a more thoughtful approach to lyrics than is expected by the mainstream, coupled with a willingness to experiment with alternative instrumentation sounds like your idea of synthpop heaven, then Empire State Human is for you. And, if you are of a darker bent, paying attention to Empire State Human’s lyrics may offer you some solace as well.
Read more
V/A – The Clock Machine Turns You On: Volume 2
This varied collection offers up some great music from Smartyr, Killing Joke, Transit Kings, The Sun Paulo and Analogue Mindfield. It seems to have something for every listener, which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time as this may draw in a listener to enjoy some new music or urge them to quickly hit eject.
Read more
Mad Therapist – Alien Element
We are greeted by melodic, clean electronica that is infused with calming overtones. It is an ambitious, intricate album that places the emphasis firmly on composition rather than just assailing the listener with a barrage of beats. The result? Pleasantly atmospheric, cleverly constructed background music that fades in and out of your consciousness without leaving a mark.
Read more
Parallel Worlds – Shade
A knowledgeable hand when it comes to analogue modular synthesizers, Sirros has developed a distinctive sound via his Parallel Worlds project, at once anachronistic and immutable. The album is full of pillowy and fluid sounds; hard edges are notably absent in this somnolent journey that relies upon atmospheric IDM and ambient.
Read more
Abraxas Projekt – Baraka – Visions
The upshot of former songwriter Jerome Paressant’s twofold interest in electronic music and contemporary jazz, Abraxas Projekt presents an uncomplicated fusion of both elements with its latest release, “Baraka – Visions”. Like its namesake, the 1992 film by Ron Fricke, the album is a study in juxtapositions and motion.
Read more
15 Degrees Below Zero – Resting On A
While not terribly familiar with 15 Degrees Below Zero and liking some of their previously released material, the same cannot be said of “Resting On A”, unfortunately. To be honest, one is sort of at a loss as to why anyone would release this and it can be summed up quite quickly in one word: pointless.
Read more
Dessau – The Truth Hurts (1985-2000)
The title is really quite appropriate, in some respects – one fails to understand exactly why this retrospective is necessary, and indeed, who is really going to be that interested other than treating this as a relic from the past. A long-forgotten band who were too similar to some of their much more successful and more creative contemporaries to warrant too much attention, and their best known work is a cover.
Read more
the M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab – Modern Expressing Machines of Revolutionary Youth
It was initially difficult to know what to make of this, but when you dig into who is behind the band, you begin to expect much more. Marc Urselli is a three-time Grammy Award winner, and the other members have been involved in such extreme metal luminaries as Aborym. So really, they can surely do so much better than this.
Read more
K’teus – Audio Hypersigil 1 (The Awakening)
Part 1 of the “Audio Hypersigil” cycle by U.K.-based d’n’b/breakcore/industrial project K’teus. Pro-printed/duplicated CD-R copies are also available for purchase with all proceedings going directly to Médecins Sans Frontières.
Read more & download
Mothers Against Noise apparel
Following a re-release of free “Mothers Against Noise” compilation, we decided to make some of the apparel available again using the original designs. Like before, all sales profits will be used to support initiatives related to experimental/noise/sound art.
Read more
Connexion Bizarre Pins
State your indivuality and rhythmical reverberation with this set of five one-inch Connexion Bizarre buttons! One featuring the main C.B. logo, three featuring the alternative mascots/logos and one featuring the Connexion Bizarre “reverberate rhythmically” motto.
Price: 6.00 Euro (worldwide shipping included)
Read more
Recently added
Solar Skeletons
Schizophrenia 4 (us) – raided by the police (read it!)Net releases spotlight
Mach FoX “The Last Planet EP” (Intox Noize)

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On Influenza A (H1N1) – hacking H1N1 (bunnie’s blog)
Charles Darwin film ‘too controversial for religious America’ (Telegraph)


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