odd blood

By now, the psychedelic Brooklynites in Yeasayer are probably sick of being compared to Animal Collective. So we hope they don’t mind us saying that listening to their second full-length, Odd Blood, this January reminds us of playing AnCo’s Merriweather Post Pavilion at the same time last year — which is to say, as far as we’re concerned, Odd Blood has set the bar for 2010. A 2007 buzz band with the release of debut All Hour Cymbals, Yeasayer have massively overhauled their sound on the new record, trading the devotional and hypnotic for something that’s more upbeat and darkly revelatory.

This reinvention has saved Yeasayer from the sad fate of so many former critical darlings, from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! to Tapes ‘N Tapes to (dare we say it?) Vampire Weekend: that disappointment we call the “sophomore slump.” So, in celebration of Odd Blood, we offer 10 blog-age artists whose second full-lengths lived up to (or surpassed) the promise of their predecessors.

1. No Age — Nouns (Sub Pop, 2008)
Technically, Nouns is No Age’s first full-length. But it’s the album’s predecessor, 2007’s compilation EP Weirdo Rippers, that threw blog buzz about the duo into overdrive and drew nationwide attention to Los Angeles’ emerging lo-fi punk scene. The question was, with the backing of Sub Pop and a rapidly growing audience, would No Age sacrifice their divine ruckus for a blander, more commercially viable sound? Thankfully, the answer was an emphatic “no.”

Watch: “Teen Creeps”


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