retro valentines postcards

thats for all the retro lovers out there. those who loved tv series and couldnt get enought of those cheesy, sometimes chick, tv stars that made the head of losts of teens spin around the tv room with their 90’s gel based hair looks and smooth smiles…..yeah i watched some of them only to be sure not to watch them ever again. i beleive we all go through fases and we are kinda slaves of whats on the tv, we cant really choose what to watch, specially when our lives are really boring, so…..

by j

Unlike poor Andy Bernard from The Office, the last time we bought a box of valentines to hand out was back in the late ’80s/early ’90s. Admittedly, our cultural reference points were a lot different back then. And yet, if we were to send out a batch of cards today, we think we’d probably opt for something old school over modern schlock. That’s why we’ve made you ten different cards to download and send to your friends — and you don’t even have to punch them out of perforated paper or lick a nasty envelope! Right click, save as, and spread the love people.


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