corporate music is diseaded

I wouldn’t say all music should be free. We, by that I mean bedroon producers who can’t afford to pay even the small bills, should sell and promote our work in some way, instead of going to the big corporations. It’s extremelly hard, even for mainstream artists, to live off record sales alone and we have peceived it ages ago.

The big sharks, the corporate industry that’s responsable for all that shit, superficial and futile music that’s been around for ages, should die soon, hopefully. May be they will not die, they have the power anyway, but their profits will decrease massively in the next fell years or so because ‘producers’ are realising that the internet is an extremely effective medium to self promotion and we geeks are doing it you know.

We blog, we upload really quality music and listeners are downloading it, they are attending concerts and bying Cdrs, quality digital mp3. We are decentralising the entire music industry slowly but constantly, till the day it looses the center and the boundaries. big ups to us and fuck the bozos. (j)


After decades of manipulating artists, radio, and music fans, it seems safe to say that death has come to the corporate record labels. Variety reported last week that “overall music sales during the Christmas shopping season were down an astounding 21% from last year.” No industry can survive a drop like that, especially on the heels of a similarly terrible year and decade. Trouble for the big labels will continue to accelerate as big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart further cut the shelf space that they devote to CDs.

Expect to see the four major labels slashing their operations over the next few months. These labels will probably make a some last gasp moves: dramatic online music giveaways and desperate attempts to get artists to sign over their tour and merchandise revenue. But the trend towards decentralization, self-publishing, and direct artist-fan relationships is simply too strong. There will continue to be a role for online music stores and companies that offer promotional services for artists, but the days of labels owning musicians appears to finally be fading. (downhill batle)


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