Are we the evolutions’s end?!

One of the features of the human thinking is the intellect that consists basically of “what is”. It normally asks the question: “is it possible?” that generates a ‘one way’ road to simply solve a given problem.

On the other hand there’s the intelligence that poses the question “is it appropriate?” and it will be helped by the intellect in order to complete the whole movement from concrete to abstract that most creative solutions ask for and depend upon, really.

When the intelect is developed more than the other, the human mind diseases rapidly and the inner balance is destroyed, creating a personal civil war that makes the person socially disrupted and ill, causing relationships and the most basic human relations to fall apart, as the disbalance grows.

Evolution relies on the healthy balance between intellect and intelligence resulting on stable minds fullfilled with common sense, bursting with creativity, generating compassion and tiding the important realtion between mind and ‘heart’ (emotions).

I do believe in the importance of our heart’s inteligence as well as our intellect as well as our hability to learn how to balance them up in order to make our lives significant, specially for ourselves.

There’s also the fact that we should deal with our bad emotions instead of projecting them outward, spreading what’s dirty inside us. In fact, what should be happening is the opposite. We must roject our good emotions and learn to work out the bad ones in order to live well with ourselves than start to deal with others. Most of the time, people behave like a maniac shooter on a killing frenzy, firing away rage.

Well that sounds like a plea for help really, because the only aparent solution for our diseased society is compassion. We should learn how to deal with ourselves but most of the time, people don’t want to look inside because they know what they will find and they definally don’t want to have the ‘trouble’ to work out their own issues. Also,  some people make the life of the others their own because they don’t have a life and they actually don’t know what they want, so they just go about talking about the others and troblelling others instead of finding something meaningfull to do with their lives. Patetic.

We must be able to let go of our egos and realise society is sick but I should not be sick.

So are we the evolution’s end?

The botton line is, we are destroying our home, our own body and more important, we are making our own lives a lot more dificult to live in society by being greedy and envy.

Learn to let go and search for inner peace instead of inner civil war.



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