Southern California artist Lola Gil’s dreamlike portraits are packed with imaginative subjects and curious rituals placed in surreal, often ethereal settings.

The artist, who goes simply by Lola, applies a self-taught technique emblematic of her local heritage, with each painting inspired by an antique frame from her collection of flea-market finds. The personal narratives harmoniously blend with fantasy, created, says Lola, while being “pulled along by the moon as the unexpected guest, mesmerized by its significance for the love of a story.”

Visit Lola’s website, follow her on Twitter, and if you’re in Los Angeles, catch Ipsum Factum, Lola’s second solo show at Corey Helford Gallery.

Her work remembers me Mark Ryden. She might not be that dark and ‘sick’ but the technique and the general feeling of their art is quite similar and I must say is quite nice. It kinda represents those places where all seems to be ‘nice’ but deep inside is all weird and sometimes even grotesque. The technique here is quite ‘neurotic/obsesive’ which means she is totally compromised with her work and the results speak for themselves. (j)

Imagineer, courtesy of Lola

Enjoy the Quiet Capture the Sounds, courtesy of Lola

Everything Else Was Seeking, courtesy of Lola

Akitsushima, courtesy of Lola

Forrester and the Extraordinary Blossom, courtesy of Lola

Inside the Never Sink, courtesy of Lola

Quiet Moments Wrap the Loose, courtesy of Lola

The Outpour, courtesy of Lola

Lola at work


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