brainwashed souls

by j

Clockwork orange is one of the most interesting movies I have ever seen so far. There are so many ideas going through and I have to say that I am extremlly infuenced by the messages the movie send out.

The basic idea is kinda OK for me. Trying to re-abilitate young people that at some point turned to violence and crime for some reason. But how would someone ‘force’ something into your head, tryng to brainwash you as well as making you physicaly sick when you are exposed to something ?

Does it ring the bell?! Media is kinda like it. They force lots of difererent ideas that supposedly make your life less misarable. Buy this and be happy. Have a hair cut like that and be pretty, be acceptable by others that are also watching and doing the same thing as those people are.

Humans are not perfect and trying to brainwash them is like forcing a lyon to go vegetarian. The human nature is chaotic but I believe it can be peacefull. Chaotic in terms of ideas and creativity and peacefull towards others.

The whole point is that no one can force anything to anyone. We have the ability to choose and to fight for our right to be free, at least in our minds anyway. Freedom is an utopia and as long as we live in society we are no longer free. But we can always free our imagination and create our own reality.

I also think reality is dependent. The way we look at things create our own little world. The truth is like just an opinion that seems to be feasable at that particular time and place. Good doenst leads to good and bad doesnt leads to bad. There’s no acount for it. The only thing that really exists is now. And the only way we can conceive reality is by mentally creating it.

Some people believe in what they want to believe. It doenst matter if it is truth or not. These people start to believe their won lies creating a little confortable numb(dumb) world which is quite sad really.

Trying to brainwash humans is only going to make things worst than ever because as long as there’s still human life in this planet, there will be people willing to free themselves from stupid little people that think they are great, thinking they are doing the ‘right’ thing.

Whats right and whats really wrong anyways?!


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