sight unseen

by j

I’ve always loved the ID magazine, apart from been fashion they actually are quite experimental in a way and they have influenced most of the abstract fashion publications out there at the moment. I guess fashion can be aesthetically experimental and also interesting to look at.

The site is very nice and it has lots of valuable information. Well worth checking out, specially the Hex series by Kostya sasquatch. It definally caught my eyes. I like simple and effective eye catching designs, I believe I have reached a point where I am using less and less elements in order to communicate something. The less elements I use to design, the more difficult it gets to come up with something that’s really interesting and also beautifull to look at.

by Jason Jude Chan

Impeccably curated by former I.D. editors Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer, elegant online magazine Sight Unseen opens the door to the creative practice of tastemakers in art, fashion, and design.

With a host of intimate, browse-my-house visits, Sight Unseen is full of refreshingly candid and lucid artist profiles, all laid out in a format that showcases each subject’s words and works. The site also features sketchbooks, found objects, and compelling selections from glossies, books, and must-see exhibitions from around the world.

Explore Sight Unseen’s many departments, follow the site on Twitter, and learn how to submit your own art and story.

Andy Beach, America’s Favorites

Image from Raw Color’s This Is Basic exhibition

London’s Book Club by Shai Akram and Andrew Haythornthwaite

8 Things: Lisa Congdon

Mark Mahaney

Kostya Sasquatch

Kimm Whiskie


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