I am sort of suspicious to comment on anything Mike Patton does and has done because I just love his work so much that sometimes I feel like I should just forget about everything I am doing and become his number one fan. His work has influenced me musically and personally and he is, in my humble and patetic opinion, one of the greatest caractors in music of all times for what he’s done and for the person he is. Rock da fuck one dude. (J)

bY Doug Levy

On the latest of his myriad projects, man of a million voices Mike Patton tackles Italian pop songs of the ’60s and ’70s backed by the grandeur of a full orchestra.

While Mondo Cane finds the Faith No More and Mr. Bungle frontman singing almost entirely in Italian, his soaring takes on Ennio Morricone, Gino Paoli, and their contemporaries come off as anything but affected. Even if you can’t understand a word, the sweeping scope and emotion of these tracks are sure to speak to you intimately.

The 11 songs on the record are taken from a series of live European performances, with the best elements of each hand-selected and then combined in the studio, for an end result that borders on flawless in its pristine execution.

Read a recent interview with Patton about the project, check out his record label Ipecac online, become a fan on Facebook, and buy the album.


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