Szabolcs Veres

Szabolcs Veres is a young Romanian painter who lives and works in the region of Transylvania. His bold gestural oil paintings are mostly figurative and merge landscape, human and animal subject matter in large canvases that are often produced in series. His work represents a bold neo-expressionist re-imagining of art historical themes including ‘the hunt’ and classical portraiture. Veres employs these traditions as starting points in his canvases, proceeding to break them down in paintings that dramatically collapse distinctions between subject and object, and push his work toward a sumptuous, often disturbingly visceral resolution.

His work for me remembers Francis Bacon. It has a lot of movement, a very perceptive color selection, an almost abstract portrait of disfigures poses a question to the viewer. What’s really beautifull?! Can anyone see the beauty in a work of art that can be so abusively abstract, sometimes bluring the lines of total exoerimentation in scribbles?! Art is feeling and I believe, by look at his paintings that he has felt a lot of pain and his life probably has had lots of ups and downs. He pictures a grotesque reality that’s almost carnivorously sick. Art is what makes you think, makes you ponder and sometimes wonder ou puke.(j)

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