I have been thinking about the whole deal with life on earth and, I haven’t reached any conclusions yet but I believe humans are not supposed to be on it. The earth is almost all covered in water, therefore, we humans had to adapt, in a quite considerable way in order to live in this planet. Different from the oder animals that are almost like meant to be on the earth, we had to create cities, skyscrapers, houses, boats, cars, airplanes and all that cloathing thing, we have to wear clothes and suck the earth’s natural resorts dry in order to live.

But the real beauty is in the sea. I love to watch discovery channel and drull marvelling myself with the wild life in the sea. It’s visual beauty is almost hypnotic. I have found some images that I would like to share, because beauty is everywhere and can be found even on the smallest creatures living around the sea.

This amoeba grows fragile, crystal shells of strontium sulphate. They’re found almost everywhere across the world’s oceans and lead their adult lives within 300 metres of the surface. During reproduction, the amoeba walls itself in and forms a cyst. This cyst falls like a microscopic snowflake towards the seabed. They have been found as deep as 2000 metres.

These examples, found in the Sargasso Sea, build bubble-like defences of calcium carbonate or silicates. Within them live single-celled jelly-like plankton.

Microbial mat
Microbial mats, thought once to have covered early Earth, are now restricted to regions of extreme conditions where competitors cannot survive: salt marshes, arid temperate deserts, hot springs or Antarctica.

The chloroplasts of this bioluminescent dinoflagellate follow the sun across the cell. This individual is dividing – the separated nuclei are visible above and below the central knot of photosynthetic material

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