Every time I compare, I am in fact blaming on others whatever happens to me. The soon I start to project my thoughts on the outside I am actually exteriorizing, sharing my feelings of guilty, happiness, sadness…etc…with other people.


ALL BECAUSE OF YOU is a mixtape that shine a bright light on that very common bad habit of human behaviour. It is extremely easy to see on others what makes me what I want to be or not to be, instead of taken on full responsibility for my actions and the results of my choices.

To become face to face with my great hero, my worst enemy is probably one of the hardest decisions to make. To be in a generation of to appear to be is hard enough, let alone spend time with myself if I don’t know who I really am or I fear the man I want to be, the man I have become.

Heaven and hell are mere projections of the mind. Everything is actually an illusion, the Buddhists are right, we only can’t accept it because it hurts to be, but it is really easy to appear to be someone I am not.

The only thing left is dive into myself and realise the real truth underneath the pile of human tissue and learn to cope with the man I fear.


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