ART OF THE DAY is a musical/artistic initiative that asks for people basically to choose a song to sum up their day. Sometimes is very hard to think about a day in terms of a song but I have been thinking about this for a while and most of the time I can relate me day or my last days to a song or a picture or whatever….

Feel free to post comments and please let people know what kind of day experience you are having. I will be thinking about my day and how I spend my time more carefully when I look back and find out that nothing really happened in 24 hours or I have been just completely wasting my time just being totally useless.

It is more like a question “How was your day?” kinda thing that most people take for granted but for some others this question can make a lot of diference, when you really mean it. It is nice to be nice sometimes, on a nice day to a nice person doing nice things outside nice places….


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