Prefuse 73 shares new single “Applauded Assumptions” — listen

Consequence of Sound

Photo by Timothy Saccenti

Earlier this year, Guillermo Scott Herren announced his eighth studio album as Prefuse 73. Rivington Não Rio will arrive as one entry in a trio of releases due this year, bookended by two EPs entitled Forsyth Gardens (due out April 28th) and Every Color of Darkness (July 14th). Herren offered his first glimpse of the LP via the single “Infrared” last February. Now, he’s unveiled a second spell of glitch-craft in the form of “Applauded Assumptions”.

Full of detuned synths and chopped-up samples, “Applauded Assumptions” embraces the kind of chaos that’s streaked Prefuse 73’s work to date. It’s both warm and destabilized at points, with synthesized bass lines uncoiling and collapsing in on themselves as wordless vocal syllables pan across the sound field. It doesn’t reach for the instant accessibility of “Infrared”, but the new track still exhibits Herren’s inviting sense of play.

“I’ve come back…

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