Eu sou suspeito para falar dos ‘freaks’. Por muito tempo eu me senti como um tipo de pessoa que não se ‘encaixava’ em nicho algum. Depois de procurar em vão algum lugar externo que eu pudesse ‘pertencer’, agora eu procuro me encontrar numa aventura interior. A cada lugar que eu visite, cada pessoa que eu encontre, que eu converse, eu fico cada vez mais perto de me encontrar no único lugar que eu realmente possa me achar, minha mente.

A loucura, longe de ser uma anomalia, é a condição normal humana. Não ter consciência dela, e ela não ser grande, é ser homem normal. Não ter consciência dela e ela ser grande, é ser louco. Ter consciência dela e ela ser pequena é ser desiludido. Ter consciência dela e ela ser grande é ser gênio.Fernando Pessoa.

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How Art Changes Consciousness

I’d like to see a world where scientists, politicians, and spiritual practitioners gathered around art to learn and share with each other towards creating a better world. Visual art can heal us, inspire us, and alter our brain chemistry leaving us filled with inspiration and love. We don’t need science to prove this to us but now that it has what are some ways that you will invoke art and creativity for your own spiritual journey?

How art can change consciousness

This Crazy New Phone isn’t Like Anything You’ve Ever Seen

It’s evolution baby…..


A mobile phone with two screens is now available through an IndieGoGo campaign, and it sure is something else.

The Yotaphone 2, as its known, has one LCD screen similar to that of an iPhone or an Android. On the back, though, the device has a second screen more similar to a Nook or Kindle e-reader. Yotaphone claims this is the first-ever dual screen smartphone.

Pre-ordering the phone through Indiegogo will set you back $550. For the first 48 hours of the campaign, it is discounted to $525. The phone is eventually expected to retail for $600.

Shipments are expected to be start in August.

More than $75,000 has already been raised by the campaign through the first six hours after being posted Tuesday.

The phone will also have native apps, just like other smartphones. A portable wireless charger is also available from the IndieGoGo page.

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