How Art Changes Consciousness

I’d like to see a world where scientists, politicians, and spiritual practitioners gathered around art to learn and share with each other towards creating a better world. Visual art can heal us, inspire us, and alter our brain chemistry leaving us filled with inspiration and love. We don’t need science to prove this to us but now that it has what are some ways that you will invoke art and creativity for your own spiritual journey?

How art can change consciousness



Atenção meditativa é uma arte, uma habilidade adquirida que trás clareza e uma inteligência que permite ‘ver’ a ‘real natureza das coisas’ a nossa volta. Dentre várias formas de meditações Budistas, esta em particular é a soma de todas as práticas meditativas das mais variadas escolas Budistas conhecidas, tais como: Mahamudra na tradição tibetana; Zazen no Zen Budismo e a meditação Vipassana na escola Theravada.


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This is an one-and-only news to alert people living in the so called ‘society’. The earth has been invaded by a tiny bug called ‘miggy’. It feeds on laughter and it has been destroing people’s hability to laugh. It forces you, so called human to be depressed, stressed out, moaning all the time. It makes you forget to smile. It is programed to turn human laugh a rare ability left to just a few open mind individuals who can see throught.


These people will survive and they will put a smile on your face. They found a cure. Why wouldn’t you just try to face these bugs head on and laugh your ass off all day, all night….