Our centuries-long experiment of treting Nature as a measurable resource – as a commodity to be extracted from, burned and sold for profit – has led to a global crisis that surprisingly makes a mockery of logic’s supposed human discernment.

storm comingThis now planet-wide catastrophe could be the ULTIMATE lesson throught it … that life is not a problem to be solved but rather, in Dr. J Bronowski’s words:


Planet earth: use it wisely!

Font: Adbusters, Rewild the child Issue



MANCHA NEGRA – Manifesto

Nossos inimigos estão a nossa frente, vulneráveis e expostos. Os orgãos vitais do nosso sistema atual, tem desligado interruptores em todo lugar.


A METAMORFOSE GLOBAL começa com uma responsabilidade absoluta para a circulação gratuita de conhecimento e informação. Da escuridão, o que emerge é parecido com nada visto até agora.

NOSSA VITÓRIA INICIAL vai ser conquistada no mundo virtual, onde pessoas de todas as nações podem se agrupar, se reunir livremente – um domínio, um lugar onde a conexão com o enérgico, eletrificado sangue vivo e novo do amanhã, a juventude radical, permanece responsável.

UMA INTERNET LIVRE E ABERTA é o fogo que nossa geração utilizará (se apropriará, pegará) dos deuses.

NÓS USAREMOS NOSSOS NOVOS SISTEMAS CIBERNÉTICOS para votar, terminar guerras, desmontar a máquina sútil do depotismo, curar almas de uma vida inconsciente, 24/7 de insônia do capitalismo algorítmico, administrar um antídoto para todas as toxinas da informação e exterminar corporações e governos corruptos – e nós o faremos começando com um byte, um algorítimo, uma profissão, um sistema de estado, um continente por vez.


ANIMALIZE, ESCANDALIZE. Cause desconforto. Organize-se. Repita. Nós já começamos.


Original BlackSpot manifesto by Adbusters – Tradução João Ricardo

kill your virtual life

now, i’d love to have no virtual life whatsoever, and indeed i try to spend less and less time on social work sites like facebook and twitter, but thats unfortunatelly the only way to be connected with someone. my real life is kinda messy right now so……and i need them to spread my musical project (tale twist) but as the time goes by i’d be delighted to say fuck it to all the facebooks alike out there…….by j

originally by Adbusters

Virtual Suicide

Now that the thrill of our hyper-connected existence is gone, virtual life has become a depressing daily grind. We toil late into the night, unleashing an endless stream of status updates and tweets in a desperate attempt to keep ourselves relevant, desirable and in. There’s an ominous irony in FarmVille, a Facebook application that enables users to build and maintain a virtual farm. It’s more than a game: It’s an allegory. Virtual existence is feudalism for the modern age. Those who hold the information are kings and those of us toiling in the virtual fields are the servile peasantry: selling our souls for the mind-numbing comfort of an online existence.

Social Networking Sites (SNSs) promise limitless, boundless friendship – a phenomenon that should make us happier than ever. But our optimism over connectivity has gradually morphed into cynicism and resentment. It turns out virtual life is less about connectivity than self-branding. SNSs entice us to divulge and update, stroking our fragile egos with filtered ads that utilize our personal information to reap huge profits, as our hundreds of “friends” perpetually rate our online popularity. Paranoid about how we’ll be perceived, we spend hour after hour trying to avoid the virtual consequences of being deemed uncool. We have more to worry about than our online acquaintances deleting us after we’re tagged in an unflattering photo. Sites like Lamebook, devoted to reposting cliché status updates and socially awkward wall exchanges, humiliate those virtual personas who are unfamiliar with the webs mores and codes.

Bleak, shallow and repetitive, virtual life seems increasingly less worth living. Users are beginning to realize that it’s not leisure, it’s work that borders on servitude. But there’s a resistance growing among those tired of their virtual subjugation. In response to the electronic world’s rising indignation, virtual suicide sites like seppukoo.com and suicidemachine.org have started a countermovement, provoking users to kill their online selves and reclaim their real lives. These programs assist our virtual deaths by hacking into our profiles, completely annihilating our online personas and leaving no trace of our former selves behind. It’s social revolt for the online age: a mass uprising that will shatter the virtual hierarchy and restore order to our actual lives.