design week in beijing

red dot goes Beijing – red dot presents its first interdisciplinary choice of the best design in celebration of the “Beijing International Design Week”

In celebration of the “Beijing International Design Week” during the course of the Icograda World Design Congress 2009 from 24 – 30 October 2009 red dot is presenting for the first time a “best of selection” – a range of the best works of all three categories of the red dot award: product design, the red dot award: communication design and the red dot award: design concept, at the China Millenium Monument in Peking. The building, also famous as Beijing’s World Art Museum, is one of the most important exhibition and event facilities in China.

Professor Dr Peter Zec, initiator of the red dot design award, has been invited as a guest speaker in celebration of the “Beijing International Design Week” and will discuss the significance of design in the Asian market, while placing a particular emphasis on the Chinese market.

“The red dot presentation in Beijing provides us with an excellent opportunity to communicate the growing importance of design in China to a wider public,” says design expert Peter Zec. “Particularly in recent times we have been able to observe in the red dot design award how the international creative center has increasingly shifted closer to Asia. Both the quality and the innovative potential of Chinese designs are now giving direction to the global market, and we are very happy that the best works, due to this significant event, are able to be brought to a wider audience.

With over 12,000 entries from more than 60 countries, the red dot design award has now become the biggest international design competition in the world. The special exhibit in China features a wide portfolio of the ultimate in design competence from the different disciplines of product design, communication design and conceptual design.

The red dot presentation is a further step in the development of the commitment to the support of design and co-operation between red dot and the Chinese region.  Numerous red dot projects this year alone, such as the close co-operation with the department of urban development of the Shunde district as well as the red dot special exhibit “red dot meets creative asia” in Shenzhen, serve as a basis for a systematic investment in design and the support of design as an important business tool.

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