everything matters

Everything Matters!
Imagine knowing exactly when the world will end
In his new novel, Everything Matters!, Ron Currie Jr. poses big questions with inviting irreverence.

Earth has an expiration date. The novel’s protagonist, Junior Thibodeau, is born knowing the exact date that the world will end. Through an omniscient narrator and several rotating perspectives, Currie transforms sophomoric existential questions into witty and provocative riddles about, well, the meaning of life.

It’s a post-apocalyptic vision for the absurdist set. Everything Matters! falls somewhere between the brooding nihilism of The Road and the offbeat satire of Slaughterhouse-Five, riffing on science fiction and fantasy while exploring deeper issues of longevity and love.

It builds on Currie’s award-winning debut. Currie’s first novel, God Is Dead, established his interest in hypothetical futures. Everything Matters! pushes this experiment to a new level by crafting a psychological portrait of ultimate futility.

Read the New York Times‘ book review, check out Currie’s playlist for the novel, visit his website, and buy Everything Matters!

– Chelsea Bauch