TALE TWIST mix for radio zero-08/02

Transição aleatória – CHANGE – 08/02/2013

Radio zero de Portugual



Pantha du Prince – Quantum

Andrey Kiritchenko – Your Thoughts In Scary Forest

9 planets – Space Fabric – Compton

E.A.R.L – fuzzed

Jeff Keen –  artwar noise loop

Dalek – lynch

Dalek – subversive_script

Dj Shadow –  Building Steam With a Grain of Salt

Excision & Downlink – Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix)

Datsik & Infected Mushroom –  Evilution (feat. Jonathan Davis)

Ceephax acid crew – trabzonspor

Vanuza – Mudanças

Rotator – shock fight fist

GoreTech – heretic (rotator 666% fxxk remix)

Angerfist – Riotstarter (State Of Emergency Rmx)

Dream theater – Change of seasons





Transição Aleatória 27/02/2011

Walking about aimlessly throught the streets of a ghost town looking for something that I still don’t want, and yet have no idea what it might be. I can’t see, can’t put into words my real intention. I am pursuing nothing. I need to keep moving though, guided by my unconscious I have no where to go, I can’t see an inch in front of me, but I like it. The only recognizable thing that can be perceived and might be forcing me to shift along is the music inside my head. As long there’s music, there’s movement, there’s an unconscious point be reached, there’s pleasure and joy along the way, life comes along smiling back at you like there was nothing else in the world. I see decaying bodies crossing my unknow way, gritty faces, ungry looks. I see only shadows looking for an ilusion, somthing that doesn’t really exist, pre-fabricated realities shoved down their throws. As I will be bangging on your ears with tunes by Casperelectronics, ediT, Monster X, Coil, Victor Gama among others hoping to take you anywhere, but nowhere at all.

The mind needs a good problem to feel usefull. Sometimes I think it would be a lot better to walk away non stop, guided by my instinct, my emotions, you know, go somewhere I don’t have to talk at all, go where noone would go just to find what I really need, but I am still not sure what I need, if anything. No squeme, no plans, fuck objectives. Sometimes I just want to do things the way they come up to my head. Sometimes I feel the urge to go bananas, just to feel something, to feel human again. It’s like, I know what I do sometimes is really wrong and stupid, but I like it.

Grab a re-run, all week long right HERE

®Tale Twist

radio zero



Grab a re-run all week long right here

This weeks set was my pilot programa for Radio zero. It was the first mix I have done for them with this idea in mind. All the others that come after them, from april to now was actually based on the idea of this mix.

I wanted to share that set to you because I believe I am going through a very important fase in my my life where I must, once and for all, let go in order to move on with what there’s left of my stupid little existence. So today it’s probably a “ground zero” for my show and also this week has been like a very weird one. First I had a bad computer crash where I lost some important information, most of email contacts, files, old music production, and for some reason, today’s set for radio zer. So

So the idea of “a new beggining” came from desperation really, becasue I am kinda desperate. But any who………….

I hope you people listening to my work could enjoy and actually realise the evolution my sets are having. It’s mutation. Nothing better than crown this moment with one of the most interesting things that has happen to me this year. My first “transição aleatória”.